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Join the world's best promotional modeling agency for freelance models of all shapes, sizes, sexes, and styles.

What is a freelance model?

A freelance model (self-employed model) finds representation through non-exclusive modeling agents/agencies/companies and/or seeks out their own opportunities, auditions, casting calls, go-sees… Freelance models have a lot of the same responsibilities as models who are contracted entirely to a talent agency, but with more freedoms. They still allow their looks to be used in various photo shoots, shows, and campaigns. Freelance models call the shots for their careers. They are their own bosses. They pick and choose each individual contract and job, and when they get a jobs from being a FlipSide model, they also get to keep all of their earnings. They pay absolutely NO percentage of their paychecks to anyone on our team!

Join us now and become the model you have always dreamed of becoming!

The Flip Side is the opposite side of the record. The side listened to less often…FlipSide Modeling is for the models who feel like they are always being overlooked. We are not going to let you go through that anymore! We are a promotional agency which means: WE PROMOTE YOU. With a variety of model photo ads that we create of you and for you that we share many places throughout internet land to get your name and face out there and recognizable.

We are a promotional agency which means: 

We promote you with photo placements in a variety of magazines and online publications. We promote you with our official dot com website. We promote you through social media and other online arenas. We promote you with professionally published monthly magazines which show the world who you are while adding to your modeling resume. We are the publicists that all models need, and we do it for FREE where other publicists charge hundreds to even thousands a week. We work for you to promote all types of beauty in the everyday environment and in the mainstream modeling world.

Our monthly magazine features each and every FlipSide model that stays active with us. It is professionally edited and published and will be available monthly for sale as a hardcopy and/or download. There is no currency or free publications offered to ANYONE including our staff for this publication/magazine. You will however, have a professional modeling job on a professional website and in a professionally published magazine to use as a resume reference/enhancer. It is NEVER required to buy any of the magazines that you appear in, although some models do like to take them on go-sees with them to use as some of their professional modeling references. You may get paid jobs offered to you via FlipSide. We will vet the offers to make sure they are completely legitimate, and then pass them on to you free and clear. We do not take a percentage of your paid jobs, and we never will.

Fashion modeling...Web modeling...Print modeling...Glamour modeling...Runway modeling...Swimsuit modeling...Lingerie modeling...Commercial modeling...Fitness modeling...Fit modeling...Alternative modeling...Plus modeling...Catalog modeling...Parts modeling...


Models must be aged 18 or older to apply.

Copy and paste into an email the application below, fill it out and email it to us with your photos. Email: 

Name you go by:

Date of birth with year:



Gender you identify as:







Clothing size(s):

Shoe size:

Eye color:

Hair color:



We require 10 new photos on the 1st of every month. We also require 10 photos be sent to us with your application. Please make sure that all of your submitted photos always follow our required photo guidelines listed below. Thank you and good luck!

Our REQUIRED photo guidelines:

Photos do not have to be professional.

All photos must be large and clear and owned by you as we will be watermarking them and possibly editing them.


NO photos with other people in them.

Selfie sticks and tripods are accepted.

We do not accept edited photos, watermarked photos, or logo stamped photos.

When you send us your photos you are giving us permission to edit your photos, publish them, and use them in ads for FlipSide.

We use your photos in only positive ways, and we edit them favorably at all times.

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